Marianne Baasch Registered Homeopathic Practitioner

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"Dr Marianne Baasch treated my family for over six years. She helped us through childhood illnesses, psychological challenges and lifestyle related ailments. Marianne always took time and care when assessing what the issues were, which resulted in a holistic and effective treatment.  The effectiveness of her treatments and advice resulted in homeopathy being our primary medical treatment over this period.  She is very sorely missed."
Ilze Lang

"Dr Marianne Baasch has been my homeopath since 2010. When I met her for our first appointment I was a mess. As a result of ill health I had almost lost my previous confidence in my ability to hold a job. With Marianne’s help, I slowly but surely regained my health and energy levels and can now once again excel in a taxing career. Today I feel optimistic about my future and I feel healthy – as long as I stay away from gluten! Thanks to Marianne’s insightful diagnostic ability, together with her knowledge of homeopathy I have my life back. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs an extremely good homeopath. Thank you, Marianne."
Dr Doreen Bekker

My Work

In 1990 I got my first job in a health shop. ... As I was being taught the ropes in the shop I became aware of the complexities and depth of the alternative therapies available at the time, and gradually I realised that homeopathic remedies ...

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About Homeopathy

Samuel Hahnemann was the “Father of Homeopathy” in the eighteenth century in Germany. He proposed a system of treatment based on the concepts of the minimum dose and of “like cures like”. This means that  ...

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Articles Written

∘ Vitamin C ∘ Vitamin A ∘ Health And Emotion
∘ Wonderful Folic Acid ∘ Arnica
∘ Herbal Brain Boosters ∘ Dem Bones
∘ Dem Bones Too
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Marianne Baasch, Pinelands, Cape Town
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